We supply a range of mixers, oil mist eliminators, coalescing, and absorbent media.

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As part of any process engineering solution, filtration is needed. We offer a comprehensive range of systems to meet all your filtration needs. We supply complete filters, filter elements and spare parts, and naturally we also offer full after-sales support. This allows us to provide sophisticated comprehensive technical solutions tailored to the requirements of any process engineering application.

  • Air Intakes
  • Fuel & Oil Filtration
  • Oil Exhaust Eliminators
  • Dust Collection
  • Contaminant Removal

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“Your service was unbelievable from initial research and engineering, through to fabrication, installation, and long term field service.”

McKenna Engineering offers sales, service, and repair to Ventilation & Filtration systems from:


Dollinger is a global leader in filtration technology and specializes in fluid and air management with precision-engineered air intakes, fuel/oil filtration packages, and oil exhaust eliminators

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